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The Loving Touch of Jesus: Hope in the Midst of Crisis

The loving touch of Jesus is just what you need when you feel confused, afraid, and without hope. If you are in the midst of a crisis right now you are most likely feeling overwhelmed by the situation. You may be desperately searching for answers and solutions. You have hope in the midst of your crisis. That hope is found in Jesus.

The Loving Touch of Jesus: Hope in Times of Trouble

In Jesus, you can find both hope and promise when you are facing troubles. When you are dealing with a crisis your emotions and heart are heavy. You seek answers and solutions that will make it all just go away. You might be thinking all hope is lost. While, you are walking through this situation, Jesus reminds you not to be afraid, just believe (Mark 5:35-36). Right now, give your situation to Jesus.

The Loving Touch of Jesus: Present Weaknesses and Eternal Life

2 Corinthians 4:18, Paul gives us a strategy for how to cope. We are to fix our hope not on this life, but the life to come. In heaven, you will have a life without sin and suffering. Right now, is temporary. The season you are in will come to pass. You are not walking through this season alone my friend. Jesus is with you and you can find hope in him as you walk out your faith in him. Cast your cares upon him for his love endures forever.

The Loving Touch of Jesus: Facing Your Giants

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Who are what are the giants you are facing? Viewing impossible situations from God’s point of view helps you put giant problems in perspective. Your problem may be overwhelming right now. Remember that your problem is not too big for God to miss. When you see clearly, you can fight effectively. Take courage in the fact that God is with you as you face your giants (1 Samuel 17). Arm yourself with scripture that will help you defeat your giants. How has God helped you in your past? Take heart because God gives you strength. You can move forward with the skills he has already given you.

How Will You Choose to Face Your Giants?

Life on earth will be full of good times and challenging times. We will face situations that bring feelings of confusion, fear, and hopelessness. Some situations will seem impossible to overcome. It’s how you choose to handle times of trouble, crisis, or despair that will make all the difference. What hinders your relationship with God? When you look away from God, you will stumble. Your giant will seem bigger than God. Viewing impossible situations from God’s point of view helps you put giant problems in perspective. When you see clearly, you can fight more effectively. God wants us to choose to run the race with stamina and commitment in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Your friend in Christ,

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