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Remember to be Kind to Yourself

This past weekend I was doing some important things on the blog and my mind kept going back to the fact that Saturday is my cleaning day. I told myself “I’ll just do this last thing” but of course, not everything was going as planned and before I knew it I was overwhelmed. I still had so much that I needed to do and the evening was coming up fast. Thoughts began to intrude telling me “I wasn’t productive” or “I’m so lazy”. When I finally finished up with the blog it was already nighttime. I sat down with my husband and we watched a movie, talked, laughed, and all that good stuff; It was the exact comfort I needed to remind myself that I can be productive in more ways than one. Once we went to bed I was back in a good headspace and I told myself “I’ll just do those things tomorrow” and that’s what I did. It’s not about when you do things, it’s that you will get it done.

For all the readers out there, try to remember to be kind to yourself, even on the hard days. You deserve it.

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