Building Your Relationship with God

Nurture the Seed so that Faith will Grow.

So you’re fresh on your path to Christianity. Congratulations! You’ve already planted the seed. Whether you’re returning or just beginning it’s important that you know how to nurture it so that it will continue to grow in time.

“But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen.”

2 Peter 3:18 KJV

Reading and Studying the Bible.

One of the most important steps to growing in faith is learning and knowing how to interpret God’s word. Make it a habit to read your Bible, and study it so that you have a clear understanding of the meanings and messages that The Lord has provided for us. It’s okay to start slow at first, after all, humans are busy beings and life can get in the way. It’s important to put God first but you also have to make a living for yourself in the process. What’s most important is in your heart. You can start off on Sunday mornings or nights, and possibly work up to other days as well. You’re doing great just by making an honest effort.

Add Some Faith to your Feed.

The Internet is a place for a lot of things, many of them not so good. Make an effort to add faith-based content to your feed. When you’re surrounding yourself with The Lord’s word, you’re more likely to stay focused on the path to faith. Comparing your life to celebrities and influencers, or taking in unhealthy content can lead you to feel empty, lost, or like you’re just not good enough. With faith-based content, you’re more likely to feel motivated, encouraged, inspired, and all around closer to God. Also, your mental health will thank you!

Practice What He Preaches. 

Another great way to bring yourself closer to The Lord is by practicing what he’s preaching! Make an effort to think more positive thoughts not only toward yourself but towards others as well. Try doing something kind for someone. If you’re struggling with internal/external issues, whatever it may be, start working on it now. If it’s an addiction or bad habit, slowly try to replace it with a healthier habit that you truly enjoy! If your home life isn’t as it should be, don’t be shy to start conversations about it. As cliché as it sounds, you really are your own worst enemy.

Pray the Best Prayers.

The best prayers are prayers in which we can really get comfortable with God and let him know exactly what’s on our minds. No matter how shameful, or embarrassing you think it may be, he wants you to come to him with it. Sometimes you may think “why do I have to pray if he knows what’s in my heart?”. It’s true, he does know what’s in your heart but praying is an act of closeness and bonding. He appreciates the times that you’re able to speak those thoughts out loud to him. When you’re done, you’ll feel much more refreshed and closer to Him.

Find Closeness in Community.

A community doesn’t always look like a church, though that’s a great place to find it. A community can also look like surrounding yourself with positive friends and having good people in your life that you can look to while you’re being guided throughout your journey in faith. It also can relate back to social media. Follow people who can encourage you, not bring you down.

Free Yourself by Cutting the Ties.

This one can be a tough one. Sometimes In life, we find friends who we really enjoy spending time with but they just aren’t good for us. If you’ve tried to help your friends and they respond negatively or see no plan to grow along with you, maybe consider cutting ties. You would be surprised by how much negative influence can put a block in your path. This applies to “friends” who treat you poorly as well. If you think that the way your friend treats you isn’t all that great, you’re probably right, and you’re better off ending things. You’ll be grateful in the long run. Cutting ties to negative things in our life can significantly improve our mental health and help keep us focused, which in the long run, makes the path a whole lot clearer. 

I hope these words can provide some guidance to our readers. The path to being a great Christian is a long one, and even I along with most people in the world haven’t finished it yet. Try to remember the reward that is God’s love and support. And when you do something, do it with your entire heart, and The Lord in mind.

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