Building Your Relationship with God

Make Jesus the Foundation of Your Life

When we build or buy a home, we make sure that the foundation of that home is solid so that the house stands firm on that foundation. We do not want the house to crumble down when it is hit by storms. As believers, the foundation of the Church is Jesus Christ 1 Corinthians 3:10-11 (NIV). With Jesus as our foundation for how we live and who we are, He will use the storms we face in life to transform us to be more like Christ.

Jesus is the Foundation to Center Your Life On

What foundation are you building your life on? Is Jesus the center of your life? My Study Bible says, “We can easily get distracted by building a foundation on wealth, security, success, or a human relationship.” These things aren’t bad as we are called to be good stewards with what God has chosen to bless us with, but do we find that things take us further away from Jesus? Do you find that you spend less time with Him in reading and studying God’s word because of these things? Can’t we all relate to this on some level? Maybe you have allowed these things to distract you from the true foundation of your life, Jesus.

Finding Balance in Your Priorities

I have to be honest and say that I have let my priorities get out of balance at times. After my ex- husband passed away, I felt this strong desire to provide financially for our daughters. I was in survival mode. I took on that heavy weight and didn’t seek God’s counsel with Jesus as the foundation. But when I got burnt out, exhausted, and tired, I turned to him. God graciously, yet firmly corrected me and redirected my path to keep Him as the center of my life. He was an afterthought and he should have been my first thought. While my work was helpful to others, it was hindering my relationship with God. I didn’t spend as much time reading my bible. Now, I have a schedule that is less demanding and I make reading, studying, and applying God’s word my first priority. Do you find it hard to read and study God’s word in your life currently?

I’ve had times where I focused more on my human relationships before my relationship with God as well. At times you get so busy as a Mom and wife. Sometimes, we turn to friends before we go to God in prayer about situations we are dealing with. God will speak to you through others when you pray and seek His will in situations that present challenges. In my singleness, God has transformed me to be more like Christ through the trials I have faced in dating and being single. He has truly taught me how to be content in all seasons. It is through this season of being alone and becoming content, that I have come to have a close relationship with God. The peace and joy that I have come from my relationship with God. The depths of his love surpass any love that another person can show us. Which reminds us to keep God first. Putting our faith and trust in God allows us to continue grow as Christians. Maybe you are going through similar situations in life right now where you know that your priorities are out of balance and you realize that you have been leaning on your own understanding. Are you ready to put your trust in Jesus and make him the foundation for your life?

Make Your Relationship with God Your First Priority

Now, my relationship with God is my priority. His love truly quenches the thirst in your soul. Learning to be still in God’s presence, reading and studying his Word, so that I learn about the life of Jesus through the Gospels as well as learning how God demonstrates His love, mercy, kindness, and compassion towards others has shown me the depths of God’s love for me. Taking time to be still has made such a difference in my relationship with God and it can make a difference in your life as well. Will you let God show you the depths of his love for you?

Applying what he teaches me has made all the difference in my life as well. He will work out the plans He has for me if His plan includes a spouse. I’ve given it to God and he will work it for His good as he sees fit. I’m so thankful that He is a merciful, patient, loving God. When he points out the wrong motives of my heart, but guides me through his Word to seek His love first, that’s a deep expression of his love! That’s how God’s love transformed me. He helped me find balance and wants to do the same thing in your life. Have you chosen to follow Jesus and make him the priority in your life? He reminds me that I’m not to feel shameful, but I should feel his conviction so that I see the need to turn away from building my life on a foundation that will crumble (Roman 5). I would listen to his Word, but in my busyness, I didn’t do much to apply the truth of his Word. Do you find yourself in this situation right now? He pointed me back in the right direction and he wants to point you in the right direction as well. I’m so thankful that God’s grace and love brings peace and hope. You can have peace and hope in God as you choose to draw close to him and make him the foundation for your life.

Apply God’s Word to Your Life

Ask God to reveal any wrong motives that are in your heart, so that He can guide you back towards centering your life and who you were created to be based on the solid foundation of Jesus’ life and his Word.

I would enjoy hearing from you. What areas of your life are you struggling to overcome? How has God worked and moved in your life to point you back in His direction? How is God transforming you to be more like Christ?

Your friend in Christ,

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2 thoughts on “Make Jesus the Foundation of Your Life”

  1. Life can throw a curve ball. I have learned to give it to God and not to snatch it back. We want it to happen fast, but Gods timing isn’t ours. Your going to still have storms. God is there with you to get you through it. I wake up every day praising God for all he does for me. Over the past years he also blessed me with knowing and learning patience.

    1. Hi,
      Thank you for sharing how God has taught you to know and learn patience. It brings such peace and comfort to know that we are not alone in the storms. It’s so important to focus on keeping our faith and trust in God and not the storm. He loves us and has plans to prosper us. Thank you for sharing.

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