Building Your Relationship with God

Learning to Trust Jesus With Your Mind and Heart as Well as Knowing How to Take Action

When you choose to become of follower of Jesus Christ, He will shift your mind from a self-centered focus to a Christ-centered focus. When you meet Jesus, you choose to follow him in your heart. The gift of salvation is free by the grace of God, you can’t earn His love by anything you try to do. You choose to accept it with thankfulness and praise. You choose to walk by faith in God and demonstrate the love of Jesus so that people see Christ in you. I want to share what the Pastor at Church talked about in his message today about trusting Jesus.

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Trust in Jesus to Take Care of You When You Pray

Trust that Jesus will take care of you when you pray. It’s not just what you say, but it’s also the heart you pray with. Are you speaking in truth and believing in what you pray for? In other words, you can make your prayers sound good, but do you believe what you pray for in your heart? God knows the true desires of your heart.

Trust in Jesus to Take Care of You when You Take Steps of Faith

You will meet many different people in your lifetime. Some will be easy to love and others will be difficult to love. Sometimes, you will be hurt by the choices that others make. You walk by faith to love people with the love, compassion, kindness, and mercy, of Jesus Christ that lives inside your heart. Some people choose not to accept this type of love. Rejection is hurtful and causes pain, but trust that Jesus will take care of you when you take steps of faith to love others as He loves us. He will decide what is right and just.

Trust in Where Jesus Calls You to Serve Others

Where does God ask you to serve him? What ministry opportunities did He give you? Wherever God places you, is where He wants to use you. Maybe it’s on the job, in your friend group, in the mission field, etc. Think about how your faith in Jesus grows as you trust Him in areas where you have to lean on Him more. You are more likely to closely follow Jesus in your service to others as opposed to taking matters into your own hands and leaning on your own understanding. For example, the online ministry that I am working on with my daughter was the last thing I expected Jesus to call me towards. Taking that step of faith in Jesus, allowed us to trust Him going before us as we set up to launch the website and write content. I see how God aligned my daughter’s gifts and talents with my gifts and talents, so that together we would work to serve Him through our online blog ministry. Being obedient in an area that I was uncomfortable with has shown me the value in trusting in God’s plan.

Trust Jesus Enough to Talk with Others About Jesus

Do you ever shy away from sharing how God is working in your life or how He saved you? The calling is simple, but we allow our own fears to get in the way sometimes. Thankfully, we serve a loving, merciful, forgiving, gracious God. Share with others how Jesus is working in you. Trust that God will take care of how the message is received. The pastor said it this way, ”We are called by God to minister to the needs of others and point them in the direction of God.” That’s it. God will guide and direct their paths.

Rejoice Because God Cares for You

Choosing to trust in Jesus is a step of faith that puts you on a path to live life here on earth in light of eternity. Make the decision to stop trusting in yourself. You don’t have to do life here on earth alone. Jesus wants you to choose to let Him into your heart and have a close relationship with Him, so that He can guide and direct your paths. Praise God for what He has done for you, in you, and through you. God is our strength when we are weak. You have to choose to trust God to take care of you. Will you make a decision to choose Jesus today? If you have, please reach out to me. I want to pray with you and offer my support as you begin your journey with Jesus.

Your friend in Christ,

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