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Are You Waiting For a Cure-All?

There’s a common idea amongst people that once you find God, you’ll get some kind of “cure-all”. This isn’t exactly the case.

We live in a far-from-perfect world where things change all the time. Finding God won’t change the occurrence of these things, however, he will give you the tools you need to move past them.

I remember hearing a story called “Two Boats and a Helicopter” you may have heard it and while it’s usually told in a humorous context, the lesson of the story holds true.
The story details a Christian man who is stuck in the middle of a flood. People come to him in rescue boats and a helicopter, offering him assistance to which he declines while claiming “God will save me”. The story ends when the man drowns and goes to heaven. He asks God why he didn’t save him to which God replies “I sent you two boats and a helicopter”.

Sometimes people get stuck and get upset at God for not helping when he’s already laid the solution right in front of them. God isn’t going to poof your issues away in seconds, instead, he will guide you on what you need to do or where you need to go and hope that you will notice and take action when or where you can.

I hope this helps readers out there who feel like God isn’t listening or doesn’t care. The next time you’re facing an issue in your life, try to focus on that recurring thought of a possible solution, or that text your friend sends when you’re feeling down. God sends his messages in mysterious ways. It may seem insignificant but that small thing may lead you to the exact help you’re looking for.

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